Winnipeg’s Unique Waterpark Concept

Build the Dream and they will come.  

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The group strongly believes that of project of this nature will become a destination for visitors.  Destination in this case is defined as “a place where visitors will have to make a conscious decision about a visit and plan to go there”. Since the visit is never spontaneous, the location is of less importance. For this reason the location of the Waterpark and Spa does not need to be on the most expensive prime property as suggested by the proponents of the Winnipeg Aquatic Palladium in the old Arena. Location does however have an impact on attendance.


Our Feasibility Study§ has indicated that the prime market for a Waterpark is in an urban area or within 30 minutes of driving time for the majority of the population. In fact our study shows that visitors are likely to spend 25% of the visiting time for travel. On a 4 hour visit, customers are willing to drive up to 30 minutes each way. The population statistics show that the majority of our target group lives in the south end of the city. It is therefore recommended to establish the Waterpark close to their doorstep.  

§ please find more detailed information on this item in the Independent Research Study.

Business Development Bank of Canada Consulting Services

conducted an independent research into the feasibility of the proposed project of an Indoor Water Park and European Spa. (Feasibility Study) The study was researched from June to October 2004 and is available separately from this business plan. The feasibility study will be referenced throughout this business plan. The interested reader is encouraged to consult the Feasibility Study for more details or contact the author directly.


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