Winnipeg’s Unique Waterpark Concept

Build the Dream and they will come.  

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Winnipeg Eco Water World Parks Inc.’s purpose is to establish a profitable and well managed Waterpark and Thermal Spa which on one side provides an atmosphere of fun and excitement for the entire family and while on the other side offers an atmosphere of relaxation where visitors can rejuvenate body and soul. This facility will quickly become a prime destination for citizens and visitors alike. All activities are designed to please the local residents, as well as the substantial tourist base of Central Canada and the northern United States.

The company's objective is to build and operate a unique Indoor Waterpark, which combines a water leisure park with a European type Thermal Spa  in or in close proximity to the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  

Our goals include:

to provide a new, exiting and lasting attraction to residents and visitors alike

to be an attractive destination not just for children and families but for all age groups

to attract a min. 346,000 visitors annually.

to provide a Return on Investment for Equity Investors of at least 20% annually with return of initial investment over 10 years.

There is currently no indoor waterpark within 2. 5 hours of Winnipeg. The closest one is in Thief River Falls Minnesota and is attached to a casino and hotel with limited public access. The closest public indoor waterpark of similar size is in Minneapolis (800 km)

The company believes that by entering the marketplace first and by offering an environment that attract ALL age groups , it will become, and remain, a leader in the Waterpark and Spa Recreational Facilities in Central Canada.  The successful establishment of this combined concept will lead to the development of additional projects in other locations.


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