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Key to Success

The success of out project is based on the combination of an American Fun Waterpark combined with a European Spa. The research conducted shows that our our primary targeted market for the Leisure Pool is families with children under the age of 18 with an average annual family income over $50,000. Our European Spa Pool however will attract all adults 25 and up.  Both indoor facilities will be accessible under one ticket and visitors can move freely between the two worlds (Leisure-World, Wellness World) The combination of these two concepts allows us to increase the size of our target group and makes this more viable than waterparks which only target the family segment and the most viable project for the City of Winnipeg. The combination of these two concepts will attract and satisfy the majority of citizens in Winnipeg.



We believe that our main keys to success include:

·         No similar waterpark concept anywhere in North America (many in Europe)

·         No competing  fun waterpark within several hours of driving

·         Large community support in Winnipeg

·         Not seasonal, open 365 days a year, Indoor activities for year round entertainment

·         Competition for entertainment dollars is very limited in Winnipeg

·         Smoking ban in bars and restaurants will increase entertainment spending in other areas

·         climate in Manitoba supports an indoor "get-away" destination

·         concept targets all ages not just families with children

·         The use of state-of-the-art technology

·         unique and inviting change facilities targeted to hourly visitors

·         Providing a refuge from daily life in a warm inviting atmosphere

·         Providing popular and wide-ranging entertainment activities for all ages

·         Providing an experience that encourages multiple annual visits

·         Easy access, ample free parking

·         Expandability of facilities

·         Marketing Plan to maximize attendance

·         Design facilities to curb overcrowding

·         Seasoned and experienced development team


We believe that we can minimize certain risk factors by:


·         Properly and thoroughly  researching and analyzing the potential and market

·         Provide sufficient capitalization of the company to sustain operations through construction and initial operations in year one

·         Achieve lower operating cost through the use of modern technology and materials

·         Attract a large customer base by combining water park with wellness facility

·         Achieve a strong customer base through aggressive marketing

·         Develop strong community ties and involvement


We realize that we will have a substantial impact on the community that we do business in, and we know that we will stand the test of time if the local residents approve and support the NORTHERN RIVIERA - Waterpark & Spa .

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