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Vision for Northern Riviera




Once the Northern Riviera Waterpark and Spa opens it will quickly become a prime destination for all citizens of Winnipeg and a major attraction to visitors and tourists. It will become an alternative to other major entertainment options like restaurants, movies, or sports events.

The main attraction of the NORTHERN RIVIERA - Waterpark & Spa  will be its environment of relaxation. The Waterpark offers a tropical environment on the fun side with beautiful landscaped pools palm trees and attractions for all ages, not just children. This waterpark is more than just a pool, it will provide a getaway destination, a holiday for a few hours. Play in the waves, travel down the river, try one of the exiting rides or have a cocktail sitting under one of our beach umbrellas.

 You will be inspired by the building designed by George Cibinal, who combined the warm feel of wood with lots of natural light. Enjoy a day in the warm sun, even when it is -30 outside. If you find that there is too much audio and visual stimulation, come over to the Mineral Spa. Our Wellness Oasis will offer a relaxing, calming oasis for the mind, where you can let yourself go while floating in warm mineral water, listening the incredible clear sound of underwater music.

For the health and body conscious visitor, there will be an exercise pool with underwater exercise equipment, IR saunas, steam baths,, solarium grottos, underwater massage jets, air bubble benches and many other features . Enjoy the atmosphere in our classic Mediterranean environment, then swim outside and enjoy our outside block saunas and whirl-pools, even in the deepest winter. And best of all, you pay one ticket price and it’s all included.

Visitors can move freely between the two worlds and spend their time as they wish. Drop off the kids on the fun side and then go relax in one of our outside Jacuzzi's. Getting tired from floating in our underwater music cave? Go to the Leisure World and try our ProBowl Slide.

Your impression when visiting this park will be lasting. Can you imagine that with all the exiting features offered, visitors may just remember the change rooms as one of the best features?  Your experience will start and end with change rooms so different from what you are used to you will not want to go to any other facility anymore. The days of mass change rooms with lockers and benches are gone.  Our change rooms are geared towards hourly visitors and day visitors.

 The Northern Riviera has individual change cabins for all visitors.

When you get to our change rooms you will enter the cabin from the Reception Side. You will change into your swimsuit and exit the cabin on the other side, the pool side. The dirt from the street stays on the other side.  Once you exit the change cabin on the pool side you will find your lockers. We know that you have lots of clothes, especially in the winter. That’s why every visitor gets its own locker – no extra charge. We want you to leave you clothes and valuables in the lockers so you don’t have to worry about where to put all you clothes. You locker will lock with your electronic ticket.  


Now you proceed to the showers and the pool area. While you are in the park you may use all facilities at no extra charge.  Food and Spa Services are not included and may be purchased separately. But don’t worry, you don’t have to bring your money into the park. Just charge the food and services to your personal electronic ticket and pay when you leave the park. When you decide to leave, you will locate your locker, take your clothes, turn around and enter one of the change cabins. You will get dressed and exit on the other side, where you will find counters and mirrors so you can dry your hair and add some makeup. Then you proceed to the exit.


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