Winnipeg’s Unique Waterpark Concept

Build the Dream and they will come.  

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Construction Cost

The feasibility study suggests that the revenues and resulting cash flow support a project of around

$23 Million. This is to include property, all architectural and engineering cost as well as initial expenses during construction. Please find a detailed cost breakdown, which was provided by ManShield Projects and Corbett-Cibinel Architects.

Cost which occurred during the development phase are not included. 


The Feasibility Study recommends at least 40 % equity in this project. We have prepared the Pro-Forma Financials based on an equity ratio of 43 % and commercial loans of 57 %.

Commercial Loan has been budgeted at 8% with a 10 year amortization. Longer amortization or a lower mortgage financing rate will further improve expected cash flow.

*Please note that renderings are preliminary. Final Design may vary.




Please find below the estimated cost for the construction and initial operation of the waterpark. ( Does not include hotel. Hotel is separate from water park)

         This data is currently being updated.


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