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The Concept


The “Leisure” Water Park

The standard North American water park is a environment that is known to most people. It offers entertainment and excitement in form of rides and other attractions. A "full service waterpark" as per definition of the World Waterpark Association is a facility which offers the following attractions : a wave pool, a lazy river, children’s play area, and waterslides. The standard water park is mainly targeted to families with children under the age of 18 years.   There is a large number of water parks in Canada and the United States may of which are outside and seasonal. This industry is statistically predictable (as shown in our feasibility study commissioned by the Consulting Services of the Business Development Bank of Canada). An abundance of information is available from the World Water Park Association on how to determine revenues and attendance. This is the most dominant form of water entertainment in North America.

The European Spa (Therme)

The European Spa industry has evolved very differently. Over the last twenty years large privately funded or community funded spa and wellness centers have opened every where.( usually called Therme)  These centers focus on the health and wellness of the visitors and offer an environment that promotes health of body and soul. It usually consists of an indoor/outdoor mineral thermal spa pool, a selection of saunas and steam baths, solariums, fitness equipment and many other health related features. The target group for European spas is mainly adults 25 and up with a high disposable income and a desire to for health and wellness. This market is growing in double digits and is expected to exceed spending for Golf in North America within the next few years.

This is the most dominant form of water entertainment in Europe.  European Spas are huge complexes attracting mostly visitors from 35 years up who are looking for an oasis of tranquility and relaxation while at the same time considering beneficial treatments for the body.  This typical visitor seeks this type of facility more often and spends considerably more money for and during the visit.  Some facilities (Therme Stegersbach, AT) tried to mix both concepts within one facility. After complaints from the majority of paying visitors, they decided to remove the slides. The picture shows the area where a slide used to be.





Here is a direct comparison for these two types of water entertainment destinations



  • Target Group: families with children
  • High Noise Level
  • Reason for visit: fun in the water
  • Busiest time: days and school holidays
  • Features are: rides and toys
  • Tube Slides/Body Slides
  • Wave pool
  • Lazy river
  • Play structure
  • Arcade
  • Rapid river
  • Other water features


European Spa

  • Target Group is adults 25 and up
  • Quiet, tranquil atmosphere
  • Reason for visit: Relaxation and Wellness
  • Busiest Time: evenings and cold seasons
  • Features: Wellness facilities like
  • Mineral Water
  • Jacuzzis
  • Sauna/Steambath
  • Massage jets
  • Solarium
  • Weigh and Exercise equipment





The new Northern Riviera Waterpark and Spa will be the first facility in North America to combine these two concepts into one exciting facility.

The new facility will physically separate the "Leisure World" from the "Wellness World" but both worlds are available with one ticket. The visitor will decide where he wants to spend his time. He may freely move between the two worlds. The advantages of this concept are obvious.

usual target group of families with children for a "Water Park" will be expanded to include ALL citizens and will double the potential number of visitors over a "Fun Water Park" only.

Attendance will be more balanced throughout the year. Whereas the water park usually has a higher attendance during the school holidays, the spa world is busiest during the cold season. A more even distribution of visitors throughout the year is achieved.

Higher income individuals will be attracted

large selection of attractions for all age groups will offer an exceptional value for any visitor.

pricing can be based on "entertainment value" i.e. compare what potential visitors are paying for 2 hours of entertainment at a movie theater.?

other pools (community and hotels) target a different audience and are not considered competition.


Northern Riviera Waterpark & Spa will also incorporate the latest technology with regards to efficiency, sustainability and environmental impact.  

Northern Riviera features will include: 



On the Leisure Side


  • An all inclusive of indoor water park and spa with over 70,000 sqft
  • a tropical leisure environment
  • 4000 sqft wave pool
  • 450 ft variable speed lazy river
  • tube slide, body slide, twin racer, ProBowlâ
  • beach entrance with exciting water features
  • rock fortress with water cannons
  • interactive lagoon with pirate ship
  • water features, too many to list
  • food court, shop, event area for birthday parties
  • chlorine reduced or chlorine free water purification ecologically sustainable building and processes

On the Wellness Side


  • a relaxing Mediterranean spa environment, physically separated from the leisure world
  • year round mineral water inside/outside pool
  • inside and outside hot tubs
  • massage jets
  • underwater music cave
  • exercise pool
  • adventure shower aisle
  • sun tanning area with solarium grottos
  • outside sauna world 
  • complete day spa services available
  • Quiet area with loungers


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