Winnipeg’s Unique Waterpark Concept

Build the Dream and they will come.  

You can make it happen now.

Winnipeg is a vibrant, dynamic city. Over the last few years we have added an IKEA, an NHL Team m A new Football Stadium and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Yet we still lack the one destination that he majority of Winnipeggers crave: A World Class Water Park Destination.  The Northern Riviera Waterpark and Spa is a unique concept that was developed by late Gerhard Haberle and Ralf Klenke in 2004. It is very unique as it offers to be a destination for Winnipeggers and Visitors of all ages. 

Learn why Northern Riviera is different and why it will work in Winnipeg. 

  Where it is at
  • Feasibility Study completed in 2005
  • Project parked due to sudden passing of one of the sponsors.
  • Revived to make use of now available Social Media Tools to community fund the project

  Why this works
  • Unique combination of Waterpark & Spa
  • Attractive for more age groups than a water park alone
  • Spa World attracts higher income visitors up to 4 times more often
  • latest attractions in water park for all age groups
  • Hourly Access Tickets allow to select duration of visit.
  • Separation of Worlds ensure fun on one side and relaxation on the other
  • Hot Mineral Water offers health benefits
  • CMHR will add substantial number of out of town visitors
  • Special events like DJ's and Live Music in Waterpark
  • Open Year Round
  What we need


  • Pledges for  $120,000 through
  • create awareness in investor community


  • Fund legal solicitation of investors for 15M in
  • Commitments and loan guarantees from the 3 levels of government. 
  • Continue planning process with architect
  • source locations


  • Confirm all assets and financing is in place 
  • Request for proposals
  • Construction
  Help Us

We are now in PHASE 1 raising $120,000 to be used for the fundraising process for 15 Million required in assets from Seed Investors. The remainder can then be financed through commercial institutions and government grants.

You can help.

We need your commitment by pledging a contribution to the Northern Riviera Incubation Fund.  We are using  to raise this amount.  Pledges start at $100. Learn More Here 
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